DynaCapital´s maxim is to ensuring capital preservation

and achieving long-term returns for the client 




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Over 10 years we have developed a solid management philosophy. Its main aspects are:

Independence: To avoid conflicts of interest and the “consensual” thinking that affects certain financial markets, DynaCapital chose Geneva as its base. Through our many contacts we have access to excellent research and publications from establishments carefully selected for their competence. We complement this information with other data gathered from independent sources.

Team: DynaCapital can count on a highly motivated and specialised team composed of professionals with vast experience in a variety of disciplines. The deliberate choice of a structure on a human scale means that skills and ideas are exchanged naturally and rapidly.  Together, we have access to a large network.

Investment Discipline: Within an ethical framework, a strict investment methodology is rigorously followed in the interest of customers and performance.

Infrastructure: DynaCapital has a complete high-performance platform with leading-edge technology and systems.















DynaCapital has employees with many years of experience

in alternative asset and wealth management


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 "Our results come from the quality of the team”

Four partners founded DynaCapital in 1999. DynaCapital  has been greatly strengthened in recent years and now has a team of seven people dedicated to investment management, two to customer relations and three for support and accounting.

Building on solid and wide-ranging experience (we have a collective 150 years of experience), this team has the resources to look to the future with enthusiasm and success.

Simon Aeschbacher
Partner, Founding Member and CEO

After completing his business studies, Simon Aeschbacher started his professional career in 1981 at UBS in Berne. He spent several years in the Wealth Management division before joining the Investment Bank in 1986 in Geneva, where he held several different positions of responsibility. In 1990, he took over as head of the US Equities Trading team. In 1994, Simon became the head of Sales and Trading for Swiss shares and derivatives. Finally, in July 1998, following the merger of UBS with the Société de Banques Suisses, he was appointed as the head of Sales and Trading for international shares (and derivatives) for Warburg Dillon Read Switzerland. In July 1999, he founded DynaCapital SA.

Andrea Aeschbacher
Partner, Founding Member and Senior Portfolio Manager

Andrea Aeschbacher started her professional career at UBS in 1986. After a few years as an investment advisor, she changed to equities as a trader on the bank’s own account. In 1997, she was appointed head of Trading in American equities in Geneva. In 1999, she left Warburg Dillon Read (following the merger with the Société de Banques Suisses) to found DynaCapital SA.

Beatrice Tiliouine
Partner, Customer Relations

Beatrice Tiliounie has started her career in private banking as relationship manager at UBS in Geneva within the Internal Affairs department. In 1990, after a career of 10 years, she left UBS for Finarco SA – Service in the Fine Arts as a Manager in the art investment fund project. Mrs Tiliouine then worked at DuPont Pharma and then Eli Lilly as a Manager in the Quality – Conformity department. Béatrice Tiliouine joined DynaCapital SA in 2000.






The absolute return funds are professionally managed

and fit the risk / reward profile of the client



“Performance comes from a combination of short and long-term strategies” 


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A strict methodology based on 4 different strands enables us to identify and assess the relevance of opportunities as they arise.

Macro analysis: We study the news, politics and economic data. We then analyse their impact on the currency markets, prices, raw materials and of course equities. 

Technical analysis: We study graphs and quantitative indicators to help us to confirm trends and define their timing.  

Sector analysis: We study forecasts and identify trends.

Micro analysis: When selecting securities, we analyse and evaluate companies, considering their structure, their management, their possible M&A activity, their strategy, etc. 

A comparison of these data leads to a positive or negative investment decision. These decisions are then implemented and monitored, paying special attention to risk management.

























DynaCapital has achieved double-digit returns

since the start of its business activities for his customers



 "Our strength is identifying the specific needs of each client and proposing tailor made solutions"


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Over the past 10 years, DynaCapital has set up an efficient platform to offer its customers tailor made solutions that satisfy their needs. Operating mainly in the equities markets, we are also involved in the forex, fixed-income and raw materials markets. Our sophisticated approach allows us to exploit all market opportunities, effectively expressing our convictions. We pay special attention to the quality and liquidity of investments and are sensitive to their costs.

DynaCapital services fall into three categories:

- Management mandate (discretionary/ Non-discretionary) 
- Alternative funds consultant
- Business / Strategy incubator

Contact us. We are convinced that we can help you with your investment policy.